What We Do


Modelling and Simulation

We build and run models and simulations of products or processes for a wide range of relevant physics such as fluids, structures and thermodynamics, . The deliverables are usually the results of the models or simulations.



We build and use optimization tool-sets to drive product and process performance. These may be used in Modelling and Simulation projects or built in to Workflows, but can also be used separately to guide design of experiments in a variety of environments.



Workflow Development

We develop workflows for simulations and for optimization approaches, either simulation, physical test or process based. The deliverables are usually the tools and processes required for you to run the workflow(s) yourselves.


How We Do IT - before we work together


Discovery Call


We listen to your challenges and suggest and explore some approaches that help us navigate to a potential solution.




We reflect and consider the most effective modelling approach or workflow that meets your needs. We perform additional research in to available tool sets and methodologies as required. 

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We prepare a proposal for the solution, send it to you for consideration and then discuss it with you in person.

How We Do IT - when we're working together


Kick Off Call


We begin the project with a call to confirm timelines, dependencies and communication schedules.


Regular Comms


We provide weekly updates (technical highlights and overall progress to the plan) by email as standard and video calls for deeper dives as agreed.




We provide the models/simulation/workflows as agreed and ensure you are up to speed with using any aspect of them yourselves.


Wrap Up Call


We discuss how the project worked and listen to your feeedback.

How We Do IT - Open source and the cloud

When building simulation or optimization workflows, we use open source tool sets for their cost effectiveness, flexibility for development and modification, and ability to transfer them to customers without additional cost. Our workflows are designed to be run either in house by us, in house by customers or on the cloud, giving maximum flexibility across a range of utilization requirements.

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