Workplace computational fluid dynamics.

A side-by-side computational fluid dynamics digital twin of your workplace air conditioning shows the variation in ventilation effectiveness, allowing you to test a variety of solutions and implement the most effective and suitable.

High fidelity turbulence modelling.

Cloud based high performance computing allows the use of higher resolution turbulence models, which provide greater accuracy in challenging validation cases, such as the FDA blood pump model.

Multiphase microfluidic flows.

Microfluidic droplet motion and control by electric field induced contact angle changes has many applications, including biotechnology.

Coupled waveguide optics.

Coupled waveguides are the basis for electro-optical switching, a promising approach for integrated fast optical switches.




“BiologIC engaged Upstream Applied Science Ltd. to help us develop our disruptive life science automation platform. Our challenge to Upstream consisted not only of several specific technical challenges in the physics domain but also integrating the separate challenges into one overall coherent systematic approach to the platform. Upstream provided insight at both the granular level and also how the separate challenges integrated together. At all times Upstream were able to communicate the output clearly in a manner that created additional value for us and our platform.”
Nick Rollings, CTO & Co-Founder, BiologIC Technologies

"We needed to devise a compact vapour-liquid separator made from common pipe components and knew from our own process model that if the liquid outlet could be controlled to less than 10% gas volume fraction, the separator would work in our application. Upstream helped us with CFD evaluation on our base case design and subsequently volunteered an innovative and economical alternative, which we shall also test"
Tim Webber, CEO, Bluesteam

"We commissioned Upstream Applied Science to verify and validate a challenging theoretical concept which offers the prospect of commercial application. Not only was the result of this work delivered expeditiously and professionally but the level of detail exceeded our hopes and expectations. Moreover, the more esoteric elements of this work were explained in a clear and concise manner such that effective communication was achieved.”
Philip Pritchard, Founder & Director, Deep Sea Recovery Ltd.

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